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Delia’s Little Secret

Two Questions:

Do you love cupcakes?

Do you love ice-cream?

If you’ve answered “yes” to the above then you need to haul your sweet tooth down to Delia’s on Moreland.

THE GOODS: Cake Shakes

THE SPOT: Delia’s (On Moreland Ave) Also known as “The Chicken Sausage Stand”

THE SCOOP: My dear friend Gwen introduced me to this neighborhood joint, where they serve not only fried chicken, but also cupcake shakes! Flavors of the week  vary, but as of yesterday they included chocolate-chocolate,  strawberry coconut, and red velvet. Baked on site each morning, the cupcake of your choice is thrown (frosting and all) into a blender with vanilla ice cream. Ah-mazing. I indulged in the chocolate-chocolate and gulped it down in two minutes flat. A thick, refreshing,  summer treat. Grab your dog, a cupcake shake and stroll the trails of nearby Brownwood Park! Thanks for the intro, Gwen!

FACT MORSEL: Delia’s is famous for their locally produced chicken sausage. Organic, hormone-free. Cluck-yeah!

I think I can…

Well, I figured if I’m writing a blog about sweets I should at least TRY to bake something…I’ve been known to almost burn a house down, or at least cover everyone in flower when attempting to be domestic, but I’m taking a deep breath and giving it a shot!

On our most recent jaunt to Costco (God, I love Costco) I happened upon quite the fortuitous book! Atlanta’s Best Desserts. It was like a sign from the baking gods!!! Not only some of Atlanta’s best desserts and where to find them, but the recipes to boot. So I decided to tackle something from the cakes section since, as the book puts it, “Atlanta’s favorite dessert is the cake…” First thing first, I marched myself right over to Target and got a real hand mixer fit for a real lady (I definitely got the $5 one, God, I love Target). And so my journey began!

In the words of my photo journal below, my attempt at the Tres Leches Cake from Taqueria Los Hermanos, was a great success! I learned that condensed milk can be super messy and that it’s pretty easy to over-whip your whipping cream…those electric beaters are fast!

P.S. This recipe is great for beginners because it uses a store bought cake mix!

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Well, I don’t know about “y’all” but it sure does feel like summertime in Georgia today! So much so, that I just had to have a little afternoon pick-me-up with my co-worker Heather. I don’t know if this would make the healthy recipes section of her blog, but she definitely enjoyed it!

THE GOODS: Soft Serve Delight

THE SPOT: Jason’s Deli, Midtown

THE SCOOP: It’s free with your meal. Ahem…FREE! Just fill up at their soft serve machine and walk yourself and your fine looking summer treat down to Piedmont Park!

FACT MORSEL: I’ll let you in on a little secret…from my days working as a PA: Did you know that for Dairy Queen commercials they actually have to spray the soft serve and ice cream with a product called Poop Freeze in order to keep it solid under the hot set lights? Poop Freeze is a product you spray on your dogs “doo-doo” to solidify it for easy and cleanly pick-up. I know this because I used to have to order mass quantities of it every time we filmed a commercial. It was a necessity, so I often had to go to great lengths to find it. I won’t mention that in one poop freeze shortage I had to buy it off the Italian Mob in Chinatown…It was worth it, the whole week I had a soft serve machine 10 ft away from my desk.


Banana Soft Serve: I happened upon this blog recently and found this really neat take on soft-serve. Try it out, I know I’m going to!

Also, check out my co-worker Heather’s blog GirlyEverAfter, she has great healthy tips and recipes!

Dear Tootsie

I know it’s “bad” for you…but I love SUGAR…and so should you!

I’m that girl that can pretty much turn anyone on to some kind of sweet. Just ask my boyfriend. Whether it’s salty and buttery, or dark and rich, however you like your men, I mean, sweets I can usually find it for you.

Don’t deny that good ol’ fashioned satisfaction and, of course, the added benefits of a little sugar kick on your mind, body, and soul.

Embrace the sweet tooth in you.

I currently live in Atlanta, GA and have been so unbelievably impressed by their sweet tooth selections, that I felt it was my duty to start eating more of them, and oh, writing about them too.

Don’t worry Tootsie, I brush and floss every day.