{The Sweet Tooth}

Tootsie was my tooth fairy’s name. She is now my fellow taste tester, blogger, and general cohort. We both have a gigantic sweet tooth and a hunger for adventure. We write on local Atlanta sweets, recipes, and everything delicious we try on our travels. Our mission is to highlight the best of the best in small businesses, local fare, and sweet people on a mission to share their love of sugar.

Embrace your inner Sweet Tooth and join Tootsie and I on our journey to find the very best of everything sweet.

Tootsie…Was Jill’s dedicated tooth fairy. She has a massive sweet tooth. A tooth fairy with a weakness for sweets? Now that’s something you don’t find everyday. She is so excited to be joining Jill on this journey. Her portrait is on it’s way….

Jill…is a local actress and singer originally from Lexington, MA. She has played everything from princesses to pilgrims and when she’s not on stage she can usually be found eating somewhere. Jill currently resides in the neighborhood of Summerhill, Atlanta, GA with her charming boyfriend and loyal hound dog.

How it Works: Tootsie only writes about sweets that are sweet tooth APPROVED! Reviews on local sweets can be discovered within 10 days after Tootsie’s visit. Keep an eye out, Tootsie and her ice cream scoop may just be visiting you soon….



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