Cacao Love {Sweet of the Week}

There’s a reason why the Latin name for the cacao tree means “food of the gods.” Why the ancient cacao bean was worshiped by the Aztecs. Why most women can’t get through a day without chocolate…

There are few places left where you can really taste the history. Where you can really taste and feel what our ancestors described as a spiritual, medicinal, nutritional, and an aphrodisiacal source. “Cacao,” Atlanta’s bean-to-bar chocolate company, is one of those special places. If life is a box of chocolates, Heaven is Cacao’s chocolate bar.

THE GOODS: Cacao makes a handful of unique TRUFFLES catering to every taste bud. Each truffle has a number. Don’t worry, they include a key card that lists each truffle numerically with a short description!

THE SPOT: Cacao (3 locations: Inman Park, Virginia Highlands, Buckhead and ONLINE!) Each location has that signature “Cacao feel”…clean, elegant, a touch of shabby chic, and pure class. Just walking through the door makes you feel light, confidant, and…hungry.

THE SCOOP: It’s no secret: you can tell their chocolates are made with the finest organic ingredients and pure LOVE. My favorites: The caramel with it’s sprinkle of sea salt was perfection.  The strawberry and blueberry lavender were also delicious, subtle flavors that weren’t overly fruity or sweet. The Cola has a slight but familiar hint of the historic Coca Cola flavor and their #9 cayenne passion fruit has a surprising and definite kick! The list goes on with a dozen more surprising and creative flavors. Check your local cacao for the most recent truffle selection.

FACT MORSEL:Cacao is one of a handful of bean-to-bar chocolate companies across the nation that make their own chocolate on site. What is bean-to-bar? Well, simply put, it’s hand-made. From scratch. On site. Every step of the way, from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar, is done by hand with natural ingredients. Stay tuned for my bean-to-bar feature next month!

Meanwhile, check out this Cooking Channel Video and this article on Kristen Hard, the founder of Cacao and get excited for a chocolate factory to come to Atlanta!


* Some of these pictures were not taken by my professional i-phone camera 🙂 , if you click on them, they link to their original source.

* Thanks to Kevin, at Magick, for always bringing in new truffles to taste.