I think I can…

Well, I figured if I’m writing a blog about sweets I should at least TRY to bake something…I’ve been known to almost burn a house down, or at least cover everyone in flower when attempting to be domestic, but I’m taking a deep breath and giving it a shot!

On our most recent jaunt to Costco (God, I love Costco) I happened upon quite the fortuitous book! Atlanta’s Best Desserts. It was like a sign from the baking gods!!! Not only some of Atlanta’s best desserts and where to find them, but the recipes to boot. So I decided to tackle something from the cakes section since, as the book puts it, “Atlanta’s favorite dessert is the cake…” First thing first, I marched myself right over to Target and got a real hand mixer fit for a real lady (I definitely got the $5 one, God, I love Target). And so my journey began!

In the words of my photo journal below, my attempt at the Tres Leches Cake from Taqueria Los Hermanos, was a great success! I learned that condensed milk can be super messy and that it’s pretty easy to over-whip your whipping cream…those electric beaters are fast!

P.S. This recipe is great for beginners because it uses a store bought cake mix!

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