Gift Ideas for the Sweet Lovers in Your Life

It’s that time, and people are starting to think about holiday gifts…so here are my picks of the week for those special sweet addicts in your life. Some of these are store bought and some are homemade, but all are frugal! Happy Shopping!

Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas!

Edible Fun: Peacock Feathers

Edible Peacock Feather Cupcake Toppings $10

Cupcake Kit

Colorful cupcake liners can be found anywhere from Michaels, to Etsy, to TJMAXX, to the Dollar Store. Collect them and make a cupcake kit.

Cupcake liners $3

Cupcake Kit

Vintage Apron

Sure, you can pay $30 at Anthropologie, but TJMAXX has even cuter aprons for $8-14!

Vintage Apron $8-30 avail at Anthropologie and TJMAXX

Lavendar Extract

For the more adventurous baker!

Lavender Extract $ 5-8

Gift Mitt

Have someone that loves kitchen gadgets? Check out these sites and put together a Gift Mitt. Find a neat Mitt like the one below from The Paper Source!

Mitt Gifts

Paper Source Lotus Oven Mitt $11.95


 Gingerbread Cookie Mold Pan

Who doesn’t love Gingerbread?!

Gingerbread Man Pan $5


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