Well, I don’t know about “y’all” but it sure does feel like summertime in Georgia today! So much so, that I just had to have a little afternoon pick-me-up with my co-worker Heather. I don’t know if this would make the healthy recipes section of her blog, but she definitely enjoyed it!

THE GOODS: Soft Serve Delight

THE SPOT: Jason’s Deli, Midtown

THE SCOOP: It’s free with your meal. Ahem…FREE! Just fill up at their soft serve machine and walk yourself and your fine looking summer treat down to Piedmont Park!

FACT MORSEL: I’ll let you in on a little secret…from my days working as a PA: Did you know that for Dairy Queen commercials they actually have to spray the soft serve and ice cream with a product called Poop Freeze in order to keep it solid under the hot set lights? Poop Freeze is a product you spray on your dogs “doo-doo” to solidify it for easy and cleanly pick-up. I know this because I used to have to order mass quantities of it every time we filmed a commercial. It was a necessity, so I often had to go to great lengths to find it. I won’t mention that in one poop freeze shortage I had to buy it off the Italian Mob in Chinatown…It was worth it, the whole week I had a soft serve machine 10 ft away from my desk.


Banana Soft Serve: I happened upon this blog recently and found this really neat take on soft-serve. Try it out, I know I’m going to!

Also, check out my co-worker Heather’s blog GirlyEverAfter, she has great healthy tips and recipes!


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