Muffins or Cupcakes. That is the question. {Sweet Travels}

I recently ventured home to my lovely state of Massachusetts for my cousin’s wedding (a beautiful wedding at that, with excellent mini desserts) and had two requests for my stay: Clam Chowder and The Gingerbread Construction Company.

These were my favorite muffins growing up…probably because they are more like cupcakes than anything else, and I always advocate adding frosting to anything!

While my midriff could spare it, my taste buds are hoping for a Gingerbread Construction Co. to open in Atlanta someday. Hey…a girl can dream. But for now, if you are ever in the Bay State, have one of these for me, please?

THE GOODS: My personal favorites (shown below): The Gingerbread Muffin, Boston Creme Pie Muffin, Carrot Cake Muffin, and Lemon Poppy-seed Muffin.

 THE SPOT: The Gingerbread Construction Company2 locations in Massachusetts and shipping available everywhere except Alaska and Hawaii.

THE SCOOP: Their muffins made them famous, but they dabble in cookies, brownies, muffin loaves, and of course Gingerbread Houses!

FACT MORSEL: You can actually buy an undecorated gingerbread house, already built and ready for your artistic touch!

Decorate it yourself!



3 thoughts on “Muffins or Cupcakes. That is the question. {Sweet Travels}

  1. A most excellent Topic!! So many of them are truly Cupcakes – but that is okay – they are WONDERFUL!! oh, and I hear when you come home from out of state to eat one there are no calories involved at all!!

  2. I’ve never heard of the Gingerbread Construction Company, but the goodies look mouthwatering. Hope you got your clam chowder too! It was wonderful to finally meet you!

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