Sweet Sun in My Belly {Sweet of the Week}

Can words describe how much I love having sweet sun in my belly? Some mornings I wake up, bite-guard still secured, drooling over dreams of a PBLT (Pimento, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Egg, Mayo ahhhh).

This Saturday was one such morning, so we hopped aboard Corey’s motorcycle and took a ride to this local food mecca. This time, post PBLT,  Tootsie ventured into dessert land and found this little treasure. By the time the waiter brought the “to-go” box it was long gone…

THE GOODS: Sun In My Belly‘s White Chocolate Tart with Ginger Crust.

Sweet. Delicious. A perfect balance of sweet white chocolate and ginger. 3’s good company with the raspberries completing the dish.

THE SPOT: Sun in My Belly. A fantastic brunch spot in Kirkwood that simultaneously wakes up my taste buds and tickles my crafty mojo. I love their new decor and will always come back for the PBLT. Now I simply have one more reason to return: sweets.

THE SCOOP: They do everything from catering, to weddings, to dinner clubs. Alison Lueker and Mat LeBlanc have created something familiar, local, and unique that is truly special for every occasion.

FACT MORSEL: They have a nightly SupperClub featuring the stylings of executive chef Alison Lueker. Four course for $35 or a la carte. Fresh seasonal fare and a menu that changes weekly. Date night anyone?


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