The Tastes of Asheville {Sweet Travels}

Nestled in the the valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies a true gem: Asheville, NC. A farm-fresh, locals-oriented, artsy-crafty gem at that, and more shabby-chic than shiny, but a gem none the less.

It was our first time in Asheville and Tootsie found a truly incredible spot that everyone needs to know about (even if you aren’t in Asheville, they are online). Our glowing review is below. Additionally, we had such a fantastic 24 hours I felt I needed to share a little Tootsie travel guide with you. Tootsie’s favorites are in the collages below. Go to Asheville, I say!

The French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Chocolate. Lounge. Best combination ever. Stay tuned for my feature on “bean to bar” chocolate, featuring Atlanta’s own bean to bar chocolate oasis: Cacao.  But for now, all you need to know are these words: Liquid Truffle.

You know those “european” hot chocolates that are so thick you think they have literally melted a humungous piece of chocolate in your mug? Well, here, that’s exactly what they do. Take your pick of your favorite truffle. They’ll melt it down. Euphoric.

THE GOODS: Liquid Truffle (Maple, Smoked Sea Salt Ganache), Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffle with Sea Salt, and Various Bean to Bar Locally Made Chocolate Bars.

THE SPOT: French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Asheville, NC. They are online too, no excuses. Christmas gifts? I think so. @chocolatelounge / Facebook

THE SCOOP: This place is a chocolate lover’s dream. Period. What’s better than a place completely dedicated to chocolate?! If it’s local bean to bar chocolate you want, or sinful dark chocolate cake, or perhaps your favorite truffle melted down to a thick, rich “liquid truffle,” the Broad has it all. And the folks behind all this: just some awesome people dedicated to making good chocolate and supporting local business. So, if you’re in Asheville, pull up a chair, order whatever form of chocolate you desire, and listen to some live music on a cool city evening. Again, what could be better?

FACT MORSEL: Word has it that Dan Rattigan, one of the founders of FBC, has invented a solar roaster for their chocolate beans?! They also do farm fresh food and brew their own beer. Yowza.

Their 80% bean to bar has a satisfying crunch, while their milk chocolate is unique with an added malt. The caramel truffle is the perfect ratio of caramel, chocolate, and saltiness. While you’re at it, sample one of their many truffles on display, you won’t be disappointed.


Asheville in a day…

If you are crafty, don’t miss Tipsy Star Quilts and the yarn shop in the Arcade. Tons of inspiration.

WNC Farmer’s Market

Buy a few apples or drive down to the bottom of the hill and buy anything and everything in bulk like the local restaurants do!

Early Girl Eatery

This farm to table restaurant has incredible and creative breakfast and lunch options. I had their tempeh reuben and macncheese, it was unbelievable.

The Streets of Asheville

Don’t miss the local art downtown. Visit the original Woolworths for a vintage coca cola and some fantastic art on display. Don’t miss the Book/Champagne/Espresso bar either…oh, and it’s dog friendly, what?!?!

Until next time, sweet caramel of mine…


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