Salt and Pepper Cookies {Sweet of the Week}

Somewhere between the humidity of labor day weekend and an unfortunate stroke of the common cold, I dragged myself to the Decatur Book Festival. Absolutely worth it… but within 15minutes I needed hydration and a little something sweet before I fainted on the eager children’s book authors.

The Bakery at Cakes and Ale and these little morsels  saved the day. I may have drooled on their divinely bright window cases while waiting for my iced tea. I will soon be returning to try everything on their menu when I am fully healthy and hydrated 🙂

THE GOODS: Salt and Pepper Cookies. Think salty oreo whoopie pie. Crunchy chocolate sea salt on the outsides and creamy frosting in the middle. Imaginative yet simple, these cookies are a sweet and salty ying and yang.

THE SPOT: The Bakery at Cakes and Ale. I love places that have an “old Atlanta” feel. Exposed brick, chalkboards, a little bit of peeling paint. Shabby chic. This place is a cozy little breath of fresh air.

THE SCOOP: I hear brunch and dinner are fantastic, but I am obviously drawn to their desserts.  Pastry Chef Eric Wolitzky (from season one Top Chef: Just Desserts, French Culinary Institute) is all about flavor, and I cannot wait to sample more of what he and his team have to offer. Especially “The Nutter…”

FACT MORSEL: Chef Eric Wolitzky was a drama major at NYU,  Huzzah Theater!!






2 thoughts on “Salt and Pepper Cookies {Sweet of the Week}

  1. Those cookies sound awesome. I think Eric used to be at Baked in NYC… and while I haven’t been there yet, I have two of their cookbooks and the recipes are awesome. (P.S. Looking forward to meeting you in October!)

    • Yes, I think he was at Baked…I’m gonna have to pick up their cookbooks! And yes, sorry for the late rsvp, I am so looking forward to meeting you! October is not that far away, I bet you are getting super excited!

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