Gimme S’more! {Baking Endeavors}

Labor day has passed and a distinct hint of fall hangs in the air. Days of relentless humidity are on their way out. Sweaters, boots, foliage, and cozy campfires are all within reach. I can already taste the apple and pumpkin flavored treats that I look forward to each fall, but one taste remains with me from summer thru autumn: The S’more.

S’mores are a treat that just taste better with a little campfire smoke. Broiling them in the oven doesn’t cut it for me. However, if you are sadly sans fire pit (wish list!), these treats come in as a close second.

When nostalgia hits, and you crave wholesome s’more fun, here is your solution: S’more Bars.

I came across this delight on one of my favorite baking blogs Lovin from the Oven.  Sinful, addictive, and an easy sugar fix. I adapted this recipe from Lovin from the Oven and used unsalted butter, soy milk, trader joe’s honey graham crackers, and as always, a pinch of cinnamon!

Seriously, these might be one of the easiest, most delicious treats you can make! You’ll thank me. Enjoy!

What are you looking forward to about Fall Weather?

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