If You’re Gonna Cheat….{Sweet of the Week}


Go big or go home…

Go the extra mile…

“If you’re gonna cheat it better be worth it…”

This is the motto of Shirley Hughes who started the Cabbagetown sweet spot “Sweet Cheats.” It’s hard to argue with a former National Level Figure Competitor in the NPC when she says that fitting a cheat meal into your workout and diet regimen is GOOD FOR YOU. So, now that you’ve established that it’s healthy to cheat, you best find something that completely satisfies your cravings. I can almost guarantee you will find it here, at the Sweet Cheats Counter.

THE GOODS: After much drooling and deliberation I chose the Creamy Coffee Delight Cupcake. A Coffee flavored Cupcake with Dark Chocolate Cookies in the middle, Walnuts, and a Coffee/Hazelnut Buttercream Cheese Icing. What?!?!?!?!? Even Buster is mesmerized.

THE SPOT: Sweet Cheats is a little shop right across the street from Cabbagetown Park on Kirkwood Avenue. Cute, quaint, welcoming, it’s the perfect place to stop in for a sweet treat…or 40. {See Map Below}

THE SCOOP: It makes sense: if you’re going to have one sweet morsel, go all the way. This professional sweet tooth and her husband have gotten it right. They do weddings, parties, and now have a shop that the neighborhood convinced them they just had to open up. Follow them on Facebook and twitter @SweetCheats!

FACT MORSEL: I love it when people can convince me that sweets are good for you. By planning a cheat meal or a cheat treat into your diet, you are giving your body what it craves; therefore, you will be less likely to binge and more likely to stick to your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out this article from Livestrong.com about the benefits of “cheating” while dieting and how to do it effectively.

And one more photo…Creamy Coffee is ready for her closeup.

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