We’re all a little Old Fashioned {Sweet Travels}

{Savannah in 24 hours}

…I have this crazy, spooky, romantic vision of Savannah. Yes, this is based solely off of the book midnight in the garden of good and evil. Stop judging. So my unique insider’s perspective is actually a cliched tourist staple. So what. I still want to see the Mercer house and be haunted by some ghosts dangit! Less than 24 hours in Savannah is a challenge if you’re a typical tourist, but I do tourism like a kid on a constant sugar high. I’m notorious for getting a lot of sightseeing done in a small amount of time. It’s all about walking fast.

Needless to say, by 11am Corey was ready to slow it down. Enter: Tootsie. We got a great recommendation from our new-found friends at Kitchens on the Square (a must visit if you’re the quirky baking/cooking type) and settled into some sweets at Back in the Day Bakery. If you’ve got less than 24 hours in Savannah it’s best just to get a coffee and go straight here.

THE GOODS: As seen below, seconds before being devoured, the Old Fashioned Cupcake and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie.

THE SPOT: Back in the Day Bakery. Savannah, GA . I loved everything about this place: the bare bones and exposed brick of an old building, handmade paper decor hanging from the beams, wallpaper made out of old cookbook pages and music sheets, antique kitchen tools, lots of natural light, and colorful mixed plates for serving.

THE SCOOP: Quality local ingredients. Small batches of delectable treats made in-house. This place and everything in it has that homemade feel, and taste, to it. Started by a husband and wife team, the bakery serves sweets and lunches and clearly caters to every taste bud. There’s a reason they are award-winning. AND, they have a new cookbook, check it out!

MORSEL: Before you leave this sweet-smelling oasis, take a scenic stroll to the bathroom and pass right through Cheryl and Griffith’s baking area, where all the magic happens. You may just catch them baking!

I must say, this place provided a whole lot of inspiration for Tootsie’s future plans….and will be one the most remembered parts of our road-runner morning tour. See you again soon, Savannah!






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