It’s Too Darn HOT

107 degrees. Really, Atlanta?! This is when I come up with the excuse, “It’s too hot to do anything besides eat ice cream!” So, Tootsie and I decided to beat the heat and break out the ice cream maker Corey’s mom gave us for Christmas. We whipped up some chocolate ice cream per the Cuisinart book adding our own little Tootsie twist, and then took a surprising turn into the world of Caramel.

I’ve been drooling over homemade caramel recipes on Pinterest for a while now, but they all looked too scary and complicated for a klutz like me. Being stuck at home in the heat of the day on July 4th I decided to release my inhibitions and give it a go. It’s true what they say: you have to pay attention, have everything prepared ahead of time, and get the timing just right. After two tries I am proud to say I successfully made brown, yummy, gooeyness!

I followed the instructions from Mel’s Kitchen to the very last word and would highly recommend it for beginners. The recipe for Beat the Heat Chocolate Ice Cream is below! And of course, one more drool-worthy photo! As the southerner’s say, its simply “Deeee-vine!”

[gmc_recipe 478]


3 thoughts on “It’s Too Darn HOT

  1. Sounds like a great idea to me! We love our ice cream maker! We even bought a second container for those times we just have to ahve two flavors! Did you know that “uncle” gene LOVED Ice cream! Even had a hot fudge sunde the night before he passed away!

    • Oh gosh, it’s the coolest little machine ever! I still can’t believe you can make your own ice cream that easily!

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