Vegan Chocolate Cake: For a Better Burlesque

Dark Chocolate Vegan Cake

The time has come. Long story short, I’m currently rehearsing a show called “Gypsy,” in which I perform an elaborate burlesque strip tease. I tried on my strip “under garments” this weekend and let’s just say I need to lay off the sweets and do some major crunches before we open in two weeks! (Any ab routine suggestions are welcome…PLEASE). Rock Hard Abs are the idea here…


Who looks like this when they do crunches. Really?

Now, cutting out sweets altogether is completely out of the question, so I needed to find something sweet AND healthy to satisfy my daily cravings. I knew just where to turn: my trusty Moosewood Cookbook. The first cookbook I bought, it’s been a book I know I can turn to for something consistently different and creative. So here it is, their Dark Chocolate Vegan Cake. Super easy and quick to whip up. It’s rich and chocolatey without  being too heavy or sugary.

No eggs, no dairy. Go figure!

One slice a day. Gypsy Rose Lee is going to look fantastic in her sparkly bikini! The recipe may just be in your own Moosewood cookbook, but it’s also on the Moosewood blog, and my version is below! If you’re in Atlanta and would like to come check out our show, please follow the link below!

[gmc_recipe 341]


Starring the fabulously talented Ingrid Cole, Alan Kilpatrick, Alison Brannon and more!




2 thoughts on “Vegan Chocolate Cake: For a Better Burlesque

    • Girrrrl. They have four vegan frosting recipes that go with it! Chocolate peanut butter frosting, orange glaze, chocolate coconut glaze and chocolate raspberry glaze. I can send them to you if you want!!

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