Sweet of the Week: Dios Mios, Churros!

First off, I hope everyone’s holiday weekend was just splendid. For all of us in the Wright/Ginsberg household it was a much welcome staycation. I took Corey out to dinner on Saturday to a restaurant we have been meaning to try since we moved here: finally, we made it to the Iberian Pig in Decatur! A whiskey old fashioned (super signature cocktail, a must try), a bottle of Spanish Wine, and 5 tapas later, we were full. BUT, as a memorable children’s author once put it: even if you’ve filled up your dinner shelf you still have a dessert shelf! And our dessert shelves needed to be satisfiiiiiied. 

Enter: The Churros.Cinnamon all over the place and rich chocolate dipping sauce. We couldn’t have picked a better option to fill up our respective shelves.


THE SPOT: The Iberian Pig. (tasty tapas and excellent service)

THE SCOOP: Not too sweet, not too rich. Cinnamon covered fried goodness with a chocolate dipping sauce infused with cinnamon and chili. Yowza!

FACT MORSEL: Sometimes called the Spanish Donut, churros are actually not that hard to make…or fake! If you can’t make it out to the Iberian Pig, try it at home.

AT HOME:First, check out this awesome blog I just came across, and her fantastic recipe for some “Cheater Churros.” To add a little tootsie flair, melt some dark chocolate chips in the microwave, throw in a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of chili powder, stir, and dip away! You can also drizzle them with honey for a healthier treat.

FYI: This weekend also brought some spur of the moment inspiration. I may or may not have gone into “the zone” and played with the cookie dough bite recipe for an hour or two….in my frenzy of pure genius I can’t quite remember what I did, but recipes to follow soon.

And lastly, a Personal Note: We officially have a dining room table! Picked it out on our favorite luxury shopping website, Craigslist, this weekend. I think we got a pretty sweet deal, out of our craigsgasm, if I may say so myself. Now we can satisfy our sweet teeth like civilized people instead of smushed on the couch in front of the TV. I smell a dessert party soon….


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