Summer in your mouth…

I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for summer. Not that we’ve had a hard winter (not one flurry of snow Atlanta, not one!?!?), but the nostalgia of lazy summer afternoons has been nagging at me. Images of sandy beaches, margaritas, and baseball games…did I mention that we are in desperate need of a vacation?

Mostly I’m excited for ice cream, sorbet, fresh fruit, popsicles, and apparently maxi dresses. I like to believe there are others like me pouring over Fitness magazine, convincing themselves that this summer will be the summer they obtain the perfect beach body, get a tan on something other than their calves, and spend most of their time by the water with perfectly styled sea salt waves in their hair…Who am I kidding, I’ll be eating a ton of BBQ and drinking too much beer by the pool.

I couldn’t decide on a sweet of the week this week so I went with a summer theme. What better food to epitomize summer than “the strawberry.” Check out these three awesome strawberry delights below! And stay tuned for next weeks post on smoothies 🙂

First off, something local! Everyone love’s Atlanta Cupcake Factory, and their strawberry cupcake tastes exactly how the girl at the counter describes it:  “It’s like summer in your mouth!”Go pick up one, or two or three…

THE GOODS: Strawberry Cupcakes

THE SPOT: The Atlanta Cupcake Factory

THE SCOOP: The cake is perfect, not too sweet and just enough strawberry flavor. The frosting has a cream cheese quality to it with strawberry mixed in and the berry is the star of the show, rocking the top of the cupcake!

FACT MORSEL: They sell day old cupcakes for 1/2 the price! Pick up a carton and surprise your co-workers!

Or…make some strawberry cupcakes of your own! For those of us who can’t have fruit with out chocolate (guilty), check out this awesome Sweet Tooth blog for a chocolate-covered strawberry cupcake recipe! She makes the most delicious looking cupcakes and this recipe is totally do-able on a day off!

Lastly, if you’re craving a good ol’ homemade dessert that’s simple and feeds the masses, check out the Strawberry Shortcake recipe on the back of the Bisquick box! I have miss Joelle Ambrose to thank for feeding me this scrumptiousness last night. We used extra strawberries, haagen dazs vanilla ice cream, and baked the biscuits on a pizza stone.

What’s your favorite strawberry dessert?


4 thoughts on “Summer in your mouth…

  1. Hands down, it’s the strawberry Ice cream soda, with pistachio ice cream (believe it or not, they are really complimentary). Do they have ice cream sodas in Atlanta?

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