Sweet of the Week: Slap Yourself Salty!

Salty and Sweet. Each lovely, but lovelier together! Two palates everyone craves. An easy two birds with one stone. For some it’s fries dipped in a Wendy’s Frosty, for others its chocolate covered pretzels. This week and until further notice it’s Morelli’s Homemade Salted Caramel Ice Cream. I’ve heard tales of this tasty treasure buried in the heart of Ormewood Village. Living in the neighborhood, it is dangerously convenient…and after trying a few different flavors in adorable mini cones, I am officially hooked!

THE GOODS:  Salted Caramel, Key Lime Pie , Ginger Lavender… ICE CREAM!

THE SPOT: Morelli’s Ice Cream (two locations in ATL)

THE SCOOP: (literally!) The Salted Caramel is smooth and creamy. Sweet and Salty elements are balanced to perfection.  The Key Lime has delicious chunks of pie crust throughout and is neither too  sour or sweet, making it simply refreshing! Ginger Lavender was the real surprise of the day.  It’s subtle; again, a perfect balance of two very different flavors. The slight heat of the ginger contrasts nicely with the coolness of the ice cream.  I found it to be a rejuvenating treat with a kick!

FACT MORSEL: Did you know that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were some of our first big ice cream lovers? Or that the edible cone custom (although invented by Italo Marchiony) first came about at the St. Louis World’s fair in 1904?

You can make your own ice cream in many different ways, whether it’s an old fashioned hand-cranked freezer or a fancy new Cuisinart! Corey’s mom gave us one of the latter for Christmas; and, so far, we have succeeded in making a truly awesome strawberry ice cream. Next stop, Salted Caramel Wannabe! Anyone have a favorite flavor they would like us to try to recreate?


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